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Citat: Frank Lloyd Wright

“A doctor can bury his mistakes, but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.” ― Frank Lloyd Wright

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Citat: Roger Scruton om modern arkitektur

”The point is that there is a deep human need for beauty, and if you ignore that need in architecture, your buildings will not last, since people will never feel at home in them. Indeed, the only beings at home in the decaying part of Reading I visited were the pigeons fouling the pavements.”   …

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Citat David Batchelor: Chromophobia

As with all prejudices, [colour’s] manifest form, its loathing, masks a fear: a fear of contamination and corruption by something that is unknown or appears unknowable…

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Citat: Rebecca Sonit om arkitektur

“Italian cities have long been held up as ideals, not least by New Yorkers and Londoners enthralled by the ways their architecture gives beauty and meaning to everyday acts.” ― Rebecca Solnit, Wanderlust: A History of Walking Kommentarsregler: Vi ser gärna att du kommenterar, men för att hålla kommentarspåret öppet så kommer enbart kommentarer med riktigt för- och efternamn …

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Citat: Aldous Huxley om arkitektur

Marble, I perceive..

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Citat: Susan Elizabeth Phillips om arkitektur

Gracie: You have an unusual house. Have you lived here long?

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Helmut Jahn om vad som uppfattas som stad kontra förort

Något för Sveriges stadsplanerare att tänka på: A city building, you experience when you walk; a suburban building, you experience when you drive. Helmut Jahn

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Citat: Norman Foster om arkitektur

Architecture is an expression of values. Norman Foster, arkitekt                 Kommentarsregler:  För att hålla kommentarspåret öppet så kommer enbart kommentarer med riktigt  för- och efternamn visas. För att detta skall kunna garanteras vill vi att du skriver ett registrerat och sökbart telefonnummer i din text. Telefonnumret  publiceras inte.

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Citat: Martin Newmans diskussion om arkitektur med Bob Dylan

“We were showing the Dylans these books of architectural features like arches,” he recalls. “In architecture, there are seven classic arches, and Bob said, ‘Just use them all.’ That was kind of his attitude.” Martin Newman, designer           Bob Dylan, rockikon, musiker, poet och nobelpristagare i litteratur 2016 Kommentarsregler: För att …

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Citat: Noël Coward om London

“I don’t know what London’s coming to — the higher the buildings the lower the morals.”

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